Who are we?

Pierrick Boyer, cofounder and CEO
Pierrick Boyer | CEO
William Lambert, cofounder and CTO
William Lambert | CTO

We are a team of passionate engineers all driven by the same vision that robotics can bring many advantages, from better working conditions to a reduced environmental impact, along with more efficiency and reliability.


  • Pierrick with a significant experience managing large scale projects, with distributed and multi-cultural development teams, mainly in IT software and regulated environment,
  • William is an experienced system/software technical leader, used to work in complex safety critical environments and fields like logistics, mobile robotics or medical devices. He is IATA certified on “Baggage Handling Systems” and ISAE Supaero Engineer.
Both Pierrick and William have an entrepreneur certificate delivered by Stanford University. They have worked together for a decade on different large-scale projects.

Our vision

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